July, 2000:


18 more minutes till I get to go home,
18 more minutes of pain.
the clock ticks down,
one more round.
17 more minutes till I get to go home.
17 more minutes till I get to go home,
17 more minutes of pain,
Why I’m here I don’t know,
this job really blows.
16 more minutes till I get to go home.
16 more minutes till I get to go home,
16 more minutes of pain…….

Aw fuck it… I’m outta here.



Trying to waste some time so it doesn’t seem like so long until I get to go home. I think I’ll go have another cigarette.


My brother moved in with me today, because his girlfriends mom kicked him out of her house because he hasn’t had a job in over a month and a half. Not sure how this will work out. We’ll see, I guess. More later…..


Okay. I have spent way too much time reading The StinkyFeet Diaries which is a sequel to The StinkyMeat Project. Both a hilarious read if you are as sick and demented as I am.

I need a life.

Off too bed.


I am still a little worried. What if this sets us back so far things will never get to that point called “Normal”? I don’t think I want “Normal”. Interesting and Normal are not synonymous in my vocabulary.

Maybe all this is a good thing. Maybe this will cause us to be closer, bigger, and better than anything we could have been otherwise.

I am helping Amanda and Brian move tomorrow right after work. Yes… right after work. Bringing a change of clothes. Fighting an hour (or more) of traffic all the way to Denton. Driving all the way back. Getting something quick to eat, then heading to bed. I AM too nice.


Clean house? Get coffee? Clean house? Get coffee? Clean house? Get coffee? Clean house? Get coffee!

I guess I’ll bring some bills that need to be paid (you know like my Truck Payment, the Phone Bill… junk) so that it’ll seem productive.

A cat by any other name…

The cat currently known as “Toby Puppy Poppy Kitty Beazer Weaksauce Lashua” has had a few suggestions for a new name:

Don Gato

He was named Napoleon by the shelter where I got him. I liked that name, but thought I could come up with something much more fitting. Toby was suggested by my mother, and it just kind of stuck because we had no other name. Well… it has been over three months now, and I figure I either need to continue to call him Toby, or come with a new name soon. I am afraid he will develop some sort of multiple personality disorder if I don’t hurry… which might actually be interesting.

So I give myself one week. By next Tuesday he will have an official name. Of course, all of the other names will still remain a part of his FULL name… but wont be used nearly as often. Please send in suggestions. The nameless one will greatly appreciate it.


I hate waiting on people. I am supposed to pick up Nicki from the airport. Tom wants to come with me, and since I brought him to work today, if he doesn’t he won’t be able to get lunch. I told him at 10:05am and again at 10:10am and again at 10:15am and again at 10:20am and now AGAIN at 10:25am that WE HAVE TO LEAVE. But…. he is still on the phone. I think the call is work related, but still. If we have to go, we have to go. Period. If you cannot be ready in time to leave on time then don’t come. *sigh*


I found out today that Will is coming into town from St. Louis for his birthday this weekend. That’ll be a good time for all.

Nicki is leaving for Chicago today for a week. I have to leave now to pick her up and bring her to the airport.

Today’s goal…

Update Often. Heh. We’ll see.