A cat by any other name…

The cat currently known as “Toby Puppy Poppy Kitty Beazer Weaksauce Lashua” has had a few suggestions for a new name:

Don Gato

He was named Napoleon by the shelter where I got him. I liked that name, but thought I could come up with something much more fitting. Toby was suggested by my mother, and it just kind of stuck because we had no other name. Well… it has been over three months now, and I figure I either need to continue to call him Toby, or come with a new name soon. I am afraid he will develop some sort of multiple personality disorder if I don’t hurry… which might actually be interesting.

So I give myself one week. By next Tuesday he will have an official name. Of course, all of the other names will still remain a part of his FULL name… but wont be used nearly as often. Please send in suggestions. The nameless one will greatly appreciate it.

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