October 10th, 2002:

accommodate this

Today’s mantra: “If I attempt to accommodate too many people, I’ll never accommodate myself.”

This started out as a complaint about my inability to see how a particular task will be accomplished, from start to finish, before I actually begin doing it. Usually I can. This time, I thought I couldn’t. I’ve been bashing myself in the head for over a week trying to make myself see it. It wasn’t helping. As I got toward the end of my complaints about myself, I realized something: I can see it from beginning to end. The problem is, I’m attempting to see it on too many levels, from too many perspectives and, when I think I’ve almost got it, I see another perspective that isn’t accounted for. The biggest problem was that the closer I got to figuring it out the further I got from meeting my own needs.

I need to remember one thing. If I attempt to accommodate too many people, I’ll never accommodate myself.

Everything looks much clearer now.

is this what they call technology?

This morning there is an automated email in my work INBOX. It’s a message regarding my benefits. It’s a reminder that, if I want to make changes to my benefits options for next year, that I must do it by October 15th. That’s 5 days away for you mathematically challenged readers. Well, I do, in fact, want to make changes to my benefits options. Luckily, all of these transactions can be handled online through the URL provided in the email. So I click.

I enter my Social Security number, and I enter what I think my password is. I get a popup window that tells me, that my password is not correct and I have 0 more attempts before my account is locked. What? 0 more attempts? That’s ridiculous. Okay, no big deal. Maybe I’ve never signed up. I click on “register new account” and it tells me that I’m already registered. So then I click on “I forgot my password” and it gives me a password hint of “no hint on file”.

Distraught, I give in and decide to have the system give me a new password. I hit the magical button and it tells me “Thank you. You will receive your new password via US Postal Mail within 7 business days. You will not be able to log into your account until you receive your password in the mail.” What?! 7 business days?? And I have 5 regular days to change my benefits options?!

Thanks. Thanks a lot.