December 6th, 2002:

plans: dinner, movie: “equilibrium”, 1st Saturday

Tonight I’m going to see Equilibrium (I would link directly to the movie’s website, but it appears to be down) with Brad, Morgan, Joel, and Emily. It’s only playing in two theaters in DFW — one in Garland, and the other in Fort Worth — so it’ll be a bit of a drive. We’ve opted for Fort Worth. Since we won’t all be able to fit in Brad’s car, we will be taking two. Brad and Morgan will have to stop in Keller before and after the movie in order to drop off/pick up Zoe. We’re also planning on having dinner in Fort Worth.

After the movie, several of us are going out to 1st Saturday to get our geek on. We’ll take as many cars as we need to depending on who’s going.

With two cars, people starting from two different locations, and two different required routes of travel, the plans become more complicated. As it stands now, this is the plan:

Brad and Morgan will leave with Zoe for Keller around 6:00pm. They’ll get there, drop off the baby, talk a little, and leave again around 7:00pm. This puts them in downtown Fort Worth for dinner between 7:30 and 7:45pm. In order to meet them there at that time, I’ll be leaving from my apartment around 7:00pm. Dinner wll last until about 9:00pm, maybe a little later since it is Friday night. The movie starts around 10:00pm and is in a theater just south of downtown Fort Worth near I-30 (I don’t know the theater name or time as of yet). If there is any time to kill between dinner and the movie, we’ll get coffee. The movie will let out around 12:00am. Brad and Morgan will come home by way of Keller. I’ll just drive straight home. That puts me home around 12:30am, and Brad and Morgan home around 1:00am. We’ll leave for 1st Saturday shortly thereafter.

If you’re interested in attending either, let me know. We’ll work it all out.