December 14th, 2002:

broken truck

My truck broke. I’m not quite sure why just yet. I was driving home from Justin’s house, suddenly my “check engine” light came on. Then I noticed my coolant temperature was high. I pulled over. The entire engine compartment is wet and the engine smells of baked anti-freeze, but none of the hoses seem to be busted. All of the connection point, however, are covered in a substance that resembles dried chewing gum. It looks like hardened coolant, but it doesn’t seem possible that all of that happened in one night.

Justin came and got me and brought me home (thank you, Justin). My Dad will help me figure out what’s wrong with it — and hopefully fix it — tomorrow. So, for now, the truck’s sitting where I left it: in the parking lot of the “Delux Inn” just south of Sandy Lake on the South Bound access road of 35E. If anyone reading this is interested in a 1999 4WD Toyota Tacoma, you’d do me a huge service by stealing it. Just don’t tell me it was you.

The best part is this: I got the extended warranty on it, which means I’m covered for 5 years and 75,000 miles. And I’ve only had the truck for 3 years last month. But… I have 80,000 miles on it. So this one’s coming out of my pocket.

Merry Christmas, Jim. You get some car parts and manual labor. Don’t you just love Christmas?

Sigh… my Saturn never had any problems.