January 6th, 2003:

geoURL tags

I added geoURL tags to This allows visitors to know precisely where in the world I am. You can add tags to your site as well. It is especially easy to do if you live in the US. Once you’ve got the tags setup, geoURL will allow you to pinpoint where you live as well as see those people near you who have also added the tags. You can even get your neighborhood information via RSS. Their site includes some instructions for adding the code to your site (including specific instructions for Radio and LiveJournal sites). Just do it. It will make God happy. [via The Shifted Librarian]

read my Inbox

Some time ago I offered a feature on my site that allowed readers to see the contents of my Inbox. As time went on that feature went away. But now it’s back. Enjoy! For now, it’s real time. If it gets too much traffic, I’ll start caching the output every 15 minutes or so.

For the curious, it’s only 5 lines of code (not counting the HTML generating portions):

$imap = imap_open(
$boxinfo = imap_check($imap);
for($i = $boxinfo->Nmsgs; $i >= 1; $i--) {
        $msg[] = imap_headerinfo($imap,$i);

movabletype: rebuild this

I know, I know. All I ever do is complain about crappy software, yet I’ve released very little of my own to show how things should be. Sit on it.

I think my single biggest complaint about MovableType is the fact that I have to rebuild every page when I want to change something as trivial as the footer. MovableType’s “every-page-is-baked” method of operation is annoying and doesn’t suit me at all.

However, thanks to the 10 minute wait involved with rebuilding, all of the pages should now bear the year 2003 in the copyright notice at the bottom of the page.

the point

In the end, I am sure this will all make sense. Every little piece of this giant puzzle will fit beside each other perfectly and you and I will look at it together and understand. But, until that time comes, I can’t help but be confused.

Why must we spend these hours alone? What lesson do we learn by being forced apart? What good does it bring to anyone?

I don’t even bother to entertain the idea that all of this failure is to teach us something about ourselves and then send us on our separate ways. It just isn’t possible that two people can fit so perfectly and so right to find themselves in two different lives down the road.

Being forced away from you has taught me a few things. Our time together is too valuable to spend it arguing or in miscommunication. Regardless of how anyone else in this world might choose to spend their time together — with secret objections and unvoiced complaints — ours is best spent living purely and honestly. In this we will live without fear of hidden thoughts or an internal case of the not-good-enoughs. We will know each other’s concerns well enough to calm them before they become reactive and, above everything, we will respect each other.

Maybe that, in itself, is the point.