January 11th, 2003:

get this: automobile insurance

I am currently insured by the evil, horrible, disgusting bastards at Progressive. My poilicy expires today, and my renewal shows a slight rate increase bringing me to just under $1800.00 for six months. Because of the rate increase, I decide to call around.

Nationwide Insurance has quoted me $1400 for 6 months with lower dedictables and higher coverage than the Progressive policy I currently have. However, this rate is dependant on my ability to get a letter from another prior insurance company — Allstate — that states that the claim I filed in the beginning of last year was a “hit-and-run” and not an “at-fault” claim as they’ve reported in my insurance history those fucking assholes. Just for fun, I fill out the online quote-o-matic at Progressive and am shocked at what I find.

I accurately filled out all the information they requested (knowing EXACTLY what is on my record having spoken to other insurance companys who’ve pulled my report) and set the coverage options to be equal to those of the rate quote I got from Nationwide. They quote me $1250 for a six month policy. I call Progressive customer service to find out why.

The girl on the phone informs me of something that is just plain stupid. Prior to Progressive, I had a two month lapse in coverage. The Progressive representative I spoke to then informed me that, after six months of insurance with them, my rate would go down (which it did not). The girl on the phone now tells me that the reason the newly quoted rate was so low was because I claimed to have six months (or more) of prior coverage with another insurance company — I just selected anything on the list because I didn’t think it mattered where my old insurance came from.

Apparently, according to the representative I spoke with, while six months of prior insurance with another company is good enough to lower my rate to the quoted $1250, I must have insurance with Progressive for two years to get that same rate when using them as my prior insurance. Additionally, the lady on the phone informed me that, if I were to get a policy in another state, Progressive could start me a new one and I would receive the lower rate. That just doesn’t make sense.

Since I contacted them at 1:00am, I didn’t bother to ask if I could speak to anyone above her. I’ll call again in the morning and find out. If they can’t give me the policy that I should be able to get, I’ll go with Nationwide and hope to god that those assholes at Allstate are willing to write me that letter.