January 26th, 2003:

sit and wait and hope

She’s on a bus that will be in Toronto, ON in 5 hours. From there, she’ll get on another bus bound for Buffalo, NY, which will arrive about 9 hours from now, with or without her. The bus schedule claims that it takes 15 minutes to get from Port Erie, ON to Buffalo, NY. It’s a 5 minute trip if you don’t count the border. This means that they’ve alloted about 10 minutes for border crossing. Let’s hope that works out to our advantage.

I had planned on meeting her in Louisville, KY at 10:00pm Monday night. However, her bus tickets have her bound for Dallas, TX through Chicago, IL, which is a schedule that doesn’t appear on their website. I contacted Greyhound and they told me that there are no busses that go from Sudbury to Dallas via Chicago. The person I spoke to said that they probably got on a bus that was called in as an extra to handle additional load, and therefore, the schedule for that bus isn’t in their system. There are no times on her tickets. The bus driver couldn’t offer any information about travel in the US, and said that she should ask the driver in Toronto. I’m convinced that, if a bus left Sudbury, ON with people on it, that there should be some record of it’s departure.

I called Greyhound Canada who seemed much more willing to help. I spoke to one of their lead customer service representatives who told me that there are no busses that leave Sudbury at 12:50am to arrive in Dallas, TX. Therefore, what is on her tickets must be wrong. He told me that he sent a note to the ticketing agent in Toronto to give me a call when she arrives there to inform me of her schedule. Hopefully, they’ll do what they say.

I feel so helpless about all of this. There is nothing I can do. There is no way I can help. All I can do is sit and wait and hope for the best. I wish I could put on her skin, put a little makeup on under my eyes to hide the circles, and make this trip for her. But I can’t.

So I sit, and I wait, and I hope.

I’m going to try to get some sleep.