January 27th, 2003:

SHE’S IN!!!!!!

She made it!!!!

She was still waiting for everyone else to get through customs when she called. She didn’t have time to give me all the details, but she said they didn’t let her through without a fight.

She may have missed her bus to Chicago. She won’t know until she gets to Buffalo. Either way, I’m getting in the truck and heading towards Illinois. Depending on where she ends up, I’ll either pick her up in St. Louis or Chicago.

She made it. She made it. She made it!!!!

I’m really worried

Her bus left about 45 minutes late. Assuming that the trip to Buffalo takes the same amount of time regardless of what time they leave, she should have been in Buffalo 30 minutes ago. I didn’t get a call from Fort Erie, which I understand. She’s under a lot of stress and it was last night at midnight that I asked her to do that, so it’s easy to forget. But why hasn’t she called yet?

Is she still being interrogated by the INS? Did she get turned down and, for some reason, her cell phone doesn’t work at the Border and they don’t have a pay phone there? Did something even worse happen to her bus while travelling to the border?

I’m so very worried.

I want blood

After arguing with myself for 15 minutes, I decided to take a shower. I put the phone in the bathroom and jumped in. Just as I was about half-way through brushing my teeth, the phone rang. I peeked out of the shower curtain to see who it was.

PRIVATE“, read the Caller ID.

It seems about half of the times when Jess calls from Canada the Caller ID shows something it’s not. Either “UNAVAILABLE“, or in some cases “AMERICAN VOICE“, whatever that is.

I rinsed my mouth quickly and jumped out of the shower.


“Hi! This is Lee with an important message…”

“Oh shit,” I thought. “Something’s happened. This is either a collect call, or she’s in Jail, or… something. I don’t know what.”

“… about Personal Health Care. “, the voice continued.

Damn telemarketers. Now it’s personal.


Her bus left Toronto late because the heater in the original bus was broken. So it’s understandable that, even though her original schedule had her in Buffalo 15 minutes ago, she’s not there yet. However, she told me she’d call when she got to Fort Erie (just on the Canadaian side of the Border) but she hasn’t called yet. She may have forgot. Let’s hope so.

In the mean time, I’m going crazy. I printed out separate maps to every bus station in Chicago, since I don’t know which one she’s going to yet. I also printed out a map to St. Louis — in case I can’t make it to Chicago — and a map to Louisville — just in case.

hold on tight

She’ll be going across the border within the next 15-45 minutes, unless her bus is running late. Please keep her in your thoughts this morning.