disposable digital camera

Being introduced this week, for $11 you can purchase a Dakota Digital disposible digital camera from Ritz Camera. It doesn’t have an LCD screen, thought the manufacturers hope to have a model with a screen by the end of the year. It’s a 2MP camera, though I’m uncertain how many images it holds. You cannot connect it to your computer. Instead, you bring it back to Ritz where the images will be printed or placed on a CD for you, and then the camera will be resold. [via BoingBoing]

How much does a film disposable camera go for these days?

Update: According to the slashdot article that came out on this today (07/31/2003), the camera holds 25 images. Additionally, the $11 price includes 4×6 prints of the images and a photo CD. WOW! Despite the hackability value of this, that’s a pretty good deal. Much better than you could get on a disposable film camera. I wonder what the quality’s like?


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