October 7th, 2003:

The Bush – Cheney ’04 blog

As Simon Wilson said, "Blogs just stopped being cool". The Bush – Cheney 2004 campaign now has its own blog. I guess it is the latest Internet bandwagon (if you don’t count the questionably-legal ones), so something like this might persuade a few fence-sitting, younger voters to lean in Bush’s direction. But still, something is just un-cool about it. It almost feels like the time when I was about 12 years old and found out that my mom liked a new song that I liked.

what a weekend

Jess and I spent Friday night with some friends, grilling steaks and making fun of Canadians (one of them is Canadian too). Well, it was supposed to be Jess and I but, her work called her in at the last minute. So I was there by myself until 10pm, and then I picked her up. Of course they made her stay later than they had said, so she didn’t actually get off until 10:30pm. We had a good time though.

On Saturday, Jess and I were arm deep in the hood of the truck replacing the spark plugs. I figured it would be a cheap and easy way to get a good indication as to what is wrong with it. After a lot of work, and the need to rip out various engine parts (the names of which I have still not determined), all 6 plugs were pulled and replaced. Believe it or not, the truck started right up. Yeah, I was surprised too. Unfortunately, the old plugs looked completely normal, so they didn’t solve any of the mystery.

Saturday evening we went to the state fair with Joel, Emily and Josh. I had always been against the fair believing, without actually experiencing it, that it was merely a waste of time and money. Well, having gone, my view on the subject hasn’t changed any despite the fact that parking and admission were free for us (thanks to Emily and her hookup). Jess told the story of that trip in her journal.

Sunday, Jess had to work, so I stayed at home and tried to get a few things done. I was going to work on the truck some more, but it started raining. It’s difficult enough for me to do it with Jess’ help in the sun. I wasn’t about to attempt it alone in the rain. So, I’ll have to do that some other time.

We had a great weekend. It’s unfortunate that the week had to come along and ruin it.

Next weekend, we’re going to the Texas Renaissance Festival with Joel and Emily. And the weekend after that, if Brad and Morgan ever get back to us, we’re considering a trip to Indiana.

Aren’t weekends great?