October 13th, 2003:

weekend in a nutshell

First, I would like to Congratulate Joel and Emily on their engagement. Jess and I are glad that we could be a part of it and wish you many happy years to come. And, just so you know, Joel, I told my Mom last night and, if it weren’t for my reassurance that she didn’t need to, she was going to call you right then and there to apologize for the heckling that she gave you at Jess’ birthday party. Her eyes watered up when I told the story.

We had a good weekend, all around. I was a bit frantic on Friday. After having opened my MAF sensor improperly the day before, the truck freaked out while Jess and I were driving around running errands. It lost all power and almost stalled. The check engine light came on. After a few seconds, everything returned to normal and the light went off. When I got home, I read the code only to find that my MAF sensor had malfunctioned. I was worried that something bad might happen on the trip to Plantersville for the renaissance festival but, after talking to Joel, we decided to take it anyway. Luckily, it didn’t act up at all. Hopefully, whatever caused the malfunction was just it fixing itself after I broke it.

Camping was fun. There was a drum circle Friday night so Joel and I went and banged to our hearts content. The drum circles at the renaissance festival campgrounds are much different than the in-town ones I used to attend so frequently. First of all, there are a lot more people watching without participating. Secondly, many of the players, dancers, and audience members are fairly inebriated. This means that the drumming isn’t usually as good. Additionally, the talent level isn’t usually as high as it is at the in-town circles, since there are a lot of people present who just bought a drum for the sole purpose of playing at the campground drum circle. These things make it worse than an in-town circle. However, the sheer craziness of it all, the, generally topless, female dancers, and the fire-pit in the center of the circle tend to make it better. Either way it was a lot of fun. I haven’t played in quite a while, so I left the circle with hands twice their usual size.

The festival itself was a lot of fun as usual. Jess got a very pretty skirt (Sarong) and some sandals. We also bought a large bunch of Patchouli (my favorite) incense. Jess was sneaky and bought me a Chinese-style turtle carving. Joel’s engagement plans went off without a hitch. All who saw were very impressed and people continued to congratulate them throughout the day.

We had originally planned to sleep at the campgrounds on Saturday night as well. But, we were all sweaty and exhausted, so we decided to head back Saturday night.

Sunday, Jess and I went to my parents house, had dinner, played cards, and relaxed a bit.

Now, it’s back to work. We’ll be preparing this week for our trip to Indiana this weekend. We’re going to leave early Friday morning, and return late Tuesday night. Justin said he’ll watch the cats for us, which we appreciate greatly.