October 15th, 2003:

I’m still dumb…

… just not as dumb as I thought.

After reading many messages on many boards I realize that other people have done the same thing to their MAF (Mass Air Flow) Sensor that I did. Especially in Toyotas. They removed the screws instead of just unplugging the wire. Apparently, removing the screws isn’t a big deal. But pulling on the wire afterward is. When you pull on the wire, it’s possible that you will rip apart the very delicate connections made inside. Chances are, I did just that.

I’ve tested my MAF sensor with an Ohm-Meter, and it is within spec. I’ve also knocked on it with the back of a screwdriver and the engine didn’t stall which is a good sign. Unfortunately, I think something in there is just loose enough that, under the right, unreproducible conditions, it fails. Yesterday, coming home from work, it did it again. The engine stumbles and coughs and putts for a bit, and then takes right off again as though nothing happened.

I called AutoZone, and they want $160 for one. That’s better than the $600 I had expected to pay. But they don’t have it in stock and don’t have it at the warehouse which means I wouldn’t be able to get it until Saturday because it would have to be shipped FedEx. The guy also wasn’t sure if it was a replacement part for the entire sensor and housing or if it was just the sensor. I need the whole thing. He pulled a couple others off the shelf and they were the whole unit, but, I’m still not sure. O’Reilly says they can probably get it to me by tomorrow. If not, then by 10:00am on Friday. Unfortunately, the girl I talked to there also didn’t seem 100% certain that the housing was included in the replacement. Pep Boys is asking $389 and wont have the part for a week. Even then, he couldn’t make me feel certain that it would include the housing. He just said that "at that price, I would think it would". Jeee.. thanks man.

In all honesty, for now, I can probably ignore it. Unfortunately, if something should come permanently detached, the truck wont run without it. So, I’d be stranded. And of course, we are wanting to take the truck to Indiana on Friday, which gives me a pretty short time-frame.

I could try the good-ole Pick-N-Pull salvage yard on my lunch break, but I don’t have any tools with me.

I don’t know what to do.

Oh yeah, the truck popped out of 1st gear on its own this morning, too. *sigh*