October 18th, 2003:

in brief: we made it

Texas: no comment

Oklahoma: Beautiful. Pretty lakes. Pretty rivers. Small towns make me drive too slow. I should have taken the Interstate.

Missouri: Beautiful. Nice fast drivers. Fun, curvey roads. West St. Louis is quanit and cozy. East St. Louis is very rundown and scary.

Illinois: Flat. Lots of corn. Everyone has personalized license plates. They must be cheap or free or something. Many, many miles between gas stations. Could have done without the ticket, though. 87 in a 65. Cop was nice. Nicest cop ever, actually. I think I may write the Police Cheif of Bois D’Arc, Illinois a letter because he was so nice.

Indiana: Pitch black when I drove through (it gets dark FAST out here). Very flat. Driver’s are slower.

That concludes the shortened version. Everyone’s asleep, so I’m going to go find some coffee.