October 23rd, 2003:

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A man’s point of view

exim issues: solved?

So I think I’ve figured out why I was having mail issues. It seems that, in a default Exim configuration, rfc1413_hosts is, by default, set to *. This means that for every incoming connection, Exim is going to do some sort of ident process to verify something somewhere about something (I’m not quite sure what, but I haven’t really looked). If the remote server doesn’t like this, or doesn’t support this, the default time out is 30 seconds. There are some servers (LJ, perhaps, VZWpix, almost positively) that will close a connection if it doesn’t respond for 30 seconds. Hence, mail doen’t get through.

I just sent another message through VZWpix to myself. If everything works like I think it should, there should be a tastey new MoBlog post. Most likely, it’ll be there before I even finish this. Hopefully.


Who doesn’t like a nice pile of Wendy’s every now and then?


This is Stan, my office turtle. This is also a test of my MoBlog script.

I have a favor to ask of you

Update: I no longer need test email. I believe I’ve found the problem and corrected it. Thanks to all of you who helped out.

It seems that I am having trouble getting mail from some places. I get it, but not for several hours after it has been sent. However, both of the places that I am knowingly having trouble with are largish services that could have a considerable amount of lag due to overuse and/or SPAM security type issues (LiveJournal, and VZWPix).

In addition, I’ve got a new cell phone (with a camera… gah), and I’m pretty sure I’m keeping it. For those interested, it’s Verizon Wireless’ LG VX6000. And, since the display on my old phone doesn’t work, I can’t get my old phone numbers out of it. So, at the same time, I need to rebuild my contacts list.

So, my favor is two fold. First, send me an email (jim AT revjim DOT net). In the email, in order to clear up any confusion, mention the date and time that you are sending the message (indicate your timezone as well, unless you are in Central Daylight Time). This will allow me to see how long it takes messages from different providers and locations to reach me. Secondly, if you believe that I should have contact information for you, please send it in the email. Be sure to mention if the number is a cell number, home number, work number, or fax number. Finally, as a sort-of repayment, if you’d like, mention something (scavenger hunt type items, common scenes, and fairly easily accessible things please) that you’d like me to take a picture of with the camera on my phone and I’ll send it your way.