as the mold grows: episode 2: attack of the spores

Even though I was assured that a sheet-rocking company would be here some time yesterday to replace the sheet-rock in my pantry and laundry room because of the mold, I didn’t trust them. So, yesterday, around 10am, I called for a Status update. The apartment lady, "Julie" a.k.a. "The Whore Bitch", told me that they had called in late and wouldn’t be there until 1pm. Fine I said as she hung up on me mid-sentence.

I got busy at work so I didn’t have a chance to call again until after 5:30pm, when they were closed. So, I just hoped for the best and headed home. Sure enough, the "sheet-rockers" had been there. As evidence I’d like to cite the piss all over the rim of the toilet in my second bathroom. However, upon inspection, no sheet-rock had been replaced. The company merely painted over the mold in the pantry and called it a day. They might have gotten away with it had they actually read the service request — assuming one was even written. You see, it’s possible that I would have assumed that they replaced the sheet-rock and then did an incredible job cleaning up after themselves and putting all of my pantry items back in their exact locations. However, the didn’t even bother to touch the wall in the laundry room. And, since the wall in the laundry room is shared with the wall in the pantry then, obviously, they didn’t replace the sheet-rock.

To make matters worse, they are horrible painters. Sure, the painted the walls just fine. It even matches. But, I guess these painters really were sheet-rockers, because they had no concept of the use of masking tape. All of the baseboards, the parts of the bottom shelf in the pantry, and the lower portions of the door frame were brushed accidentally. And, since they are a different color than the walls, it doesn’t look so good.

So, now I get to fight with the apartment complex for yet another day. I’m so excited.

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