December 1st, 2003:


The soon to be released Leica Digilux 2 would be the perfect digital camera for me… maybe. Very manual. Very analog. Very… film-ish. Yet it’s digital.

The first version of the camera was released quite a while ago. But the images were terrible and no one bought them without regretting it. Hopefully, the images that come out of this will be much more on par with what the "prosumer" market expects in a digital camera. It scheduled to be released in February of 2004.

So… if the image quality is good, and the price is right (under $600) then I’ll be a happy photog. [via Matt]

Update: It looks like the price will be above USD$1000. Ugh. That’s way too much when I can get a full SLR Canon with optical viewfinder and all the good stuff with a  28-70mm f/2.8 lens for $1100.  Sure… this lens is much nicer (24-90mm f/2.0), and that’s worth a lot. But still. I think, given $1100 to spend, and those two options, I’d probably pick the Canon. Maybe not.