July 1st, 2005:

Happy Canada Day!

On this day, July the 1st, in 1867, under the British North America Act, the Canadian Federal Government was created. Previously named Dominion Day, First of July, Confederation Day, and July the First, Canada Day, as it has been known since 1982, is a celebration of our great neighbor to the North, “one Dominion under the name of Canada”.

So get out of your housecoat (a bathrobe) and get in the line-up (that’s just a line) to offer a “Happy Canada Day!” to your favoUrite (when in doubt, add the U) Canadians today. Perhaps offer to share a Poutine (French Fries covered in cheese curds and brown gravy), or a bowl of Kraft Dinner (That’s Macaroni and Cheese) with them. Pull a toonie (a two dollar coin worth about $1.62 in United States currency) or two from Caisse Pop (a popular bank in Quebec), stop at the Gaz-Bar (that would be a Gas Station), put a few litres (that’s Liters, or about 0.26 gallons) in your tank, drive a few klicks (which just means a kilometer, or about 0.62 miles) and bring them their favoUrite chocolate bar (not a candy bar) or a pop (not a soda, or a Coke). If you’re real adventurous, bring a few timbits (a donut hole served by Tim Hortons, a popular donut and coffee shop) to pummel them with when they open the door. Then head to the Beer Store (that’s the actual name of the ONLY place you can buy beer in Ontario, run by the Ontario government), pick up a two-four (that would be a case in the States, which is 24 beers, not be confused with a case in Canada, which is only 12 beers), and work on that ole’ Molson muscle (beer belly) until your pissed drunk (which just means really, really, really drunk). Don’t be a suck (crybaby) because you know nothing about your neighboUrs to the north. Instead, pull on a Tuque (knitted wollen cap) sit next to your friend from the Great White North and find out about their country, from A to Zed (that would be Z).

*Happy Canada Day!*

(my spell checker _hated_ this post)

[photo] girl crouching and covering head with hair hanging

girl crouching and covering head with hair hanging
girl crouching and covering head with hair hanging
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This is another wonderful shot of Erica. I really like the composition of it.

The smaller versions look a little…. fuzzy… I guess that’s a good word. I think it’s Flickr’s fault. I imagine when it resizes them, it doesn’t use the same quality setting I would. Viewing the “original” version might be a solution to the problem, but, then my template is broken if I ever upload a MUCH larger image. But, I don’t think I ever will, so, maybe I’ll alter my template to always show the larger version.

This, of course, is one of the downfalls of not hosting everything yourself. You’re trapped into their way of doing things. However, using Gallery certianly wasn’t any better, so it’s a fair trade for now, I guess.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated, as always.