July 2nd, 2005:

My Birthday is Coming Up; Party (RSVP); Wish List

As I’m sure a few of you are aware, my birthday is next weekend. While I don’t generally feel that another trip around the sun is any indication of progress or advancement, it’s fun to celebrate the happiness we have found in one another. And any excuse to party is a good excuse to me. Therefore, we’ll be celebrating the completion of my 27th trip around the sun this coming weekend of July the 9th (sorry for the short notice).

I have varying groups of friends, plus my family, and a plethora of ideas for things to do. But, getting everyone to agree on something fun and happy is a bit difficult to do. So, my birthday will happen in a few pieces.

None of the times are exact and will depend on who decides to come and what people are interested in, so bear with me.

Most of the activities will happen on Saturday, July the 9th.

I’m planning some sort of outdoor photography adventure. Its supposed to get up to 98 degrees, so it’ll be warm. It’s cooler and there is better light earlier in the morning. So, this could start as early as 5am, or as late as 11am. If you’d be interested in coming, to take your own pictures, to be in pictures, or just for the adventure, let me know.

Later that day, we’ll have a family and kid friendly party. It’ll start around, oh, say, 3 or 4pm. We’ll sit around and talk. The kids can play at the park. Maybe we’ll even spend some time at the pool. We’ll grill up some hamburgers and hotdogs. We’ll say dinner at 6. Then We’ll have cake and ice cream and open presents around 7ish. At 8pm, we’ll call this part of the party over with.

Here’s where it might get complicated. What party would be complete without a night of drunken debauchery? I’m thinking that this portion of the party will be held just after the kids leave on Saturday. So, at 8pm, the kids start going home. At 9pm, we start taking the first shots. Alternately, we could hold this part of the party Friday night starting at say, 8 or 9pm.

There has been discussion about theming the drinking portion of the party. Themes such as “casual pajama party”, “toga or nothing”, “truth or dare”, “poker”, and “boobies”, among others, have been suggested. Most of these are okay with me, I just don’t want to have a theme that no one participates in or that no one shows up for because I threaten to enforce the theme. So, what do you think?

It has also been suggested that I have a party both nights, make one for everyone and the other only for those willing to dress and/or participate in the theme… whatever we decide that might be.

RSVP, if you can with such few details, and let me know when you can come and what you will come to. Let me know what you’d be interested in. Let me know if you like the theme idea. Suggest other themes. Whatever. But hurry, time is running out. I’d like to have all of my plans for this finalized by this evening. If I get a rough estimate of what people will like soon enough, then I’ll be able to plan it all out and include as many people as possible. But, I know that everyone is out for the holidays, so, if I don’t get enough responses, I’ll wait until Tuesday to finish up the plans. Otherwise, I’m just going to guess which doesn’t usually work as well.

Also, a few of you have expressed an interest in what I’d like for my birthday. Truly, really, honestly, you don’t have to buy me anything. However, if you insist, here are some ideas.

I’m saving up for quite a few expensive items (as you’ll see on my wish list in a moment). Cash towards one of these gifts is always accepted. If you’d like to make sure that an entire gift will be purchasable with the money available, contact me, or Jess if you want it to be a secret. Additionally, I love interesting photographs. Feel free to purchase me anything you find that you think I’ll like, or give me a price range and I’ll pick something out for you. Or, if you’re a photographer, make me a print of one of your own images. Finally, any fashion or photography books and magazines are always appreciated. I browse through them for ideas and inspiration and love having new ones to look through.

If you want an actual list, here’s what I’ve got (which will change as I find new things, so be sure to check back).

“My entire wish list”:
“From $250-$500″:
“From $100-$250″:
“From $50-$100″:
“From $25-$50″:
“From $0-$25″:
“Absolutely, totally, 100% free”:

Thanks to all of you for being such amazing friends. I am so fortunate to have you and look forward to another year of fun and friendship. I hope to see you all next weekend.