July 5th, 2005:

[photo] waiting for a ride

waiting for a ride
waiting for a ride
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I really like the separation of light and dark in this image. I could have burned through a couple gig of storage down in those tunnels alone, if I didn’t have somewhere to be and police men checking up on me now and then.

This image is also a real testament to the versatility of today’s digital cameras. While there is certainly more “grain” in this image than most of the images you’ll see from me, I was able to buy 3 stops instantly just by spinning a dial on my camera.

For those of you that don’t know, 3 stops of light loss means 1/8 of the original amount. Imagine having 8 lamps in a room in order to light it and then turning off 7 of them.

Also, most film users would have to finish off (or throw away) the roll of film they were working with and put in a new roll with a higher speed rating (or with different development notes). Then, of course, they’d have to finish (or throw away) that roll before going back to what they were shooting before. Or, they could carry around two bodies.

Additionally the “grain” you see here is a bit less noticeable, in my opinion, than what you would see with a similarly rated roll of film.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated, as always.