July 7th, 2005:

[photo] crane hovers over unfinished business

crane hovers over unfinished business
crane hovers over unfinished business
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I made this same shot from quite a few angles. I prefer this one the best. I just wish the image wasn’t so… rounded. I think a more expensive, more “corrected” lens would handle this better.

Still, I like the vast expanse of it. I like how it feels so big, how it towers over everything, how even the hi-rise in the background appears short in comparison.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated, as always.

Birthday Party Update

It’s quite likely that I will be canceling the earlier, “kid friendly” portion of “the party”:

When I decided to hold such an event, I did so with my family in mind. Particularly, my brother, his children, and my parents (who, for whatever reason, don’t like staying out so late). I’d also hoped that the friends that we have with children would be able to make it. However, I’ve had only ONE “person” (Sheridan, Sarah and her daughter) respond regarding this part of the party.

Now, it looks like my brother and his family won’t be able to make it at all. I’m still making certain that this is true.

Further more, the “photo adventure”: happening earlier that day was really meant for me and my dad. I mean… I’d *LOVE* it if lots of people came, but I know that they wont. As of right now, only one person (Rachelle) has responded saying they would like to come and I’m not 100% certain she knows what she was getting herself into.

So, as it stood before now, my Dad was going to drive all the way out to where I live to meet up with me to go on the Photo Adventure. Rachelle would meet up there as well. Then, we would drive to where ever for the fun. Then, later, my mom would drive out to where I live on her own for the party at 3pm. She’d bring my sister with her. Since my brother and his family aren’t going to make it, that’s 5 hours of “kid friendly” party for me, Jess, my mom, my dad, my sister, Sheridan, Sarah, and Sarah’s daughter.

That’s a *HUGE* chunk of the day (from 10 or 11am until 8pm — 10 hours) to devote to such a low turnout. Not to mention all the driving all over the place when, there’s really no point. So, it’s smarter and easier for me to just meet my dad where ever we want to go to shoot. We can play the weather and time constraints by ear with such a small group. We can also move the event to Sunday, since it’s just the 2 of us. Then, as far as celebrating with my family goes, I can head back to their place for a bit before the party on Saturday, go to their place on Sunday, or spend time with them Friday night.

In the end, based on those that have RSVPed so far, the only people I’m “canceling” on is Sheridan and Sarah. And, really, if it’s just going to be the two of them, I would much rather meet them somewhere outside of a “party” environment and have a more intimate get together, dinner and a movie, coffee, etc, not some big planned out and timed event.

If there are any of you that still want to do the Photo Adventure, it’s still an open invitation. I’ll let you know when and where just as soon as we figure it out.

For those of you coming to the party, I’m trying to decide WHERE I start the canceling. I’m thinking we’ll say be there at 7pm to grill burgers. We’ll do cake and ice cream later in the evening when more people will be there. Say… 10pm. How’s that sound?

This is why I asked for pre-RSVP. I should have taken the fact that no one responded then as an indication of interest as opposed to a indication of business. I should have followed my gut and said “Party at my place. Saturday night. 9pm. Bring a scantily clad woman (unless you are one) and something to drink.” Then, whoever doesn’t show up or can’t show up or won’t show up because I suggested that they come scantily clad… fuck ‘em. My real friends know how to have fun and know how to improvise in order to keep themselves from doing what has been asked without “breaking the rules”.

I’m going to have a blast. You will too. Nothing else really matters.

So, to recap. Party on Saturday the 9th. Come around 7pm if you’re hungry. Come anytime after 7 if you’re not. Playboy Mansion Pajama Party attire strongly encouraged (if you can’t think of what t wear, just wear what you’d wear to bed… whatever that might be). Bring a scantily clad woman for bonus points (and they are very important). Bring “presents”: for even *more* bonus points. Have fun.