July 13th, 2005:

[photo] replacement trees being tube fed

replacement trees being tube fed
replacement trees being tube fed
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This is one of those shots that every photographer shooting digital (and a lot of them shooting film) takes every now and then. It works like this.

You’re walking around, not seeing anything particularly exciting but, eh, whatever. Every now and then you bring your eye to the viewfinder and press the release just for fun. Then, one time you look into the viewfinder, push the release and then do a double take. “Woah! I think that one was actually good!”. If you’re shooting film, you put the camera up to your eye and shoot a few more more directed more purposeful shots to make sure you got it. If you’re shooting digital you pull it up on the LCD to see if it was what you thought it was. In this case, it was. I shot a few more anyway, just in case.

I like the feel of this. Sure it isn’t perfect.. but that’s part of it’s appeal. The horizon is crooked, but the trees are straight. the composition is a bit odd, and the trees in the background interfere with the trees that are subjects, a bit. But, when your eyes follow those leaves down to those trunks it all works itself out.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated, as always.