July 25th, 2005:

[photo] Tampa from a safe distance

tampa from a safe distance
tampa from a safe distance

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The port of Tampa has a lot to look at. New cruise ships with drunk happy faces pouring off of them, old, sea-worn vessels preparing for their next trip around the world, and everything in between. I wanted to get a glimpse of that life, and see what I could see.

Unfortunately, the entire port is surrounded by tall chain link fence with razor wire on top of it. After driving around in circles for quite a while, I stopped and asked someone who looked like he might know a thing or two how to get closer to the port. That’s when I was told that I couldn’t, since it was considered a secure area, just like the inside of an airport terminal.

In an attempt to see it from the other side, I made my way onto Davis Island, which is where this shot is from, looking back at downtown Tampa, and the port to the right.

A lot has changed since September 11th, and this is no exception.

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