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I’ve got 7-10 days to do with as I please starting this Thursday. I’m looking for host families, tour guides, travel partners, cheap hotels, places to visit, and travel suggestions.

My parents are leaving Thursday evening bound for Western New York and then Vermont by car visiting relatives and taking photographs as they go. There is a very very high mountain peaks, 300ft water falls, the finger lake, grape vineyards, Mennonite territory, the east cost, large lakes, and possibly a trip to Canada in the works. They will return on Sunday, 10 days later.

Jess is leaving early Thursday morning, bound for Canada and will return 7 days later on Wednesday.

I’ve been invited to travel with my parents if I would like. So, as I see it, this leaves me with 4 options.

# Stay home and go to work. Enjoy weekends as usual.
# Stay home but take vacation time, work on the website, edit pictures, clean the house, visit friends, have photoshoots, relax.
# Travel with my parents to Vermont.
# Travel with my camera (and possibly a travel companion) through the Hill Country of Texas OR through New Mexico and Colorado OR along the South possibly as far as the East cost.

So, pros and cons as I see it:

Staying home and working means that I save some vacation time to be used more wisely lately. However, the end of the year is getting closer and closer and I still have time left over from last year, so I need to take a bunch before the end of the year. I can use the time alone to photograph, edit photos, work on the website, clean, hang out with friends, read, watch movies, or sleep. As a con, the high on Saturday will be 97 degrees.

Staying home on vacation means I’ll get a lot done and that’s a good thing. It’s quite similar to staying home and working except every second of every day is all mine to plan as I see fit. But, I’m likely to get very bored and go stir crazy being couped up in the house for such a long period of time so I’ll need to find things to do, and that’s where the trouble lies.

Travelling with my parents will be fun. It’ll give my dad someone to photograph with, and having him around will encourage me to take better photographs. I also get a chance to see my grandparents, my brother, and my nieces. However, I will be without a car of my own, on someone elses schedule, and will feel a bit obligated to either lie to my mom about being less than 50 miles from her without seeing her or actually trying to find a way to get there and visit for a day or so. As a pro, the high on Saturday should be a lovely 73 degrees.

Travelling without my parents is a much different atmosphere. If I’m alone or with a travel companion without an agenda I’ll be inclined to spend more time at each place, I’ll meet new people, and I’ll visit places and things that I probably wouldn’t stop at when there are distinct travel goals in mind. With no set place to be or to go, I’ll have no reason not to let my every whim dictate my next move. However, this is also the most expensive option unless I manage to find a travel companion, host families, or very cheap hotels, and could possibly be quite lonely.

So, I’m looking for suggestions, advice, cheap hotels, travel companions, and offers from host families along the way.


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  1. Rachelle says:

    *ahem* Camping trip with us this weekend!

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