guess what?

Take a look at the four images below. What do they have in common? Look hard. It may take you a while.

rained outrushing tomorrow

pretending it's perfecthidden in your shadows


Give up?


You didn’t even TRY!

Fine! Okay, I’ll tell you.

They were all taken with my brand new Nikon D300.

Yes, folks, you read that right. The man who would probably STILL be using his first digital camera ever if it hadn’t been stolen has actually upgraded.

I’m a firm believer in the idea that, except in specialized cases, having the latest and best equipment isn’t going to make a bad photographer into a good one. However, just like buying a new car isn’t going to get you to work any faster, in most cases, sometimes, it sure can make the ride more enjoyable.

So, after a huge chunk of change for the body, and a nice pile of additional equipment, I’m a very happy owner of Nikon’s newest model, the D300. Of course my wallet’s a lot happier too since its pants from 4 years ago seem to fit. And the bank’s happy too since they know I’ll pay them back… eventually.

This stuff isn’t free. It isn’t even cheap. If there’s anything you can do to help cover these costs, I’d really appreciate it.

Buy a Print. You get something nice for the wall and I make $11.69. That’s right — I make a whopping $11.69 from every print bought from my Print Gallery.

Buy my Book. If you don’t have wall space to spare, Order a copy of my book, Finding Place. I think I make somewhere around $25.00 for each copy purchased.

Donate. Maybe you don’t have any space on the bookshelf either? I’ll happily, mercifully, gratefully accept Donations.  And, while I don’t promise anything, I often reward those that donate and I often do so in a recurring fashion. I’m just saying.

Link. Maybe you just don’t have any money to spare. Hey, I understand. But making a point to tell your friends about my work and share an image with them via email, on your blogs, or in your journals makes a huge difference. Sometimes, it’s the friend of a friend of a friend that can make the biggest difference. Or, if that’s not really your thing, feel free to use any image of mine along with one of your regular posts. You benefit with an great image to go with your words, and I get a potential visitor to my site. Every photo posted in Arranging Light has a “BLOG THIS” link at the bottom of it. And, if you can’t figure that out, send me an email and I’ll happily give you a hand.

Thank you for your support. It means so much to me.


  1. Rob... says:

    Congratulations! Though I was half-expecting you to go for a 5D.



    1. Jim Reverend says:

      Insert witty remark here to make up for the fact that Disqus didn't quite work as expected when attempting to approve a comment without responding to it via email.

  2. vaxocentric says:

    I'm quite jealous of your new toy. I hear the noise management is phenomenal. If my D200 wasn't completely adequate for my needs, I'd go with the D300. I'm still toying with the thought of going with the D3, but I think I'll wait for the next model to come out (maybe D3X…) so it pushes the price down (maybe.. didn't do it much for the D2-D2X). Really, it's so I can have a full-frame sensor for portraits (for the shallow DoF). But that's pretty damn hard to justify the price until I start doing more portraiture and have a demand for that image style.

    1. Jim Reverend says:

      My dad has a D200 and, after using his quite a bit, while there are certainly improvements, I don't think I'd consider it justified enough to throw $700-$1000 down for (assuming you'd sell the D200).

      LiveView is cool, but not really all THAT useful. Maybe doing tedious amounts of portrait sessions. Maybe.

      Noise management is indeed awesome. And those that are “noisy” look more like film grain and retain a LOT more detail than I've seen in the past.

      Bigger Screen is always nice.

      Way better battery life.

      I think your plan is a good one. Keep the D200 and hold out for a D3.

  3. jennafurless says:

    you fucker.

    :D i'm SO jealous!

    1. Jim Reverend says:

      Ha. I'll share. :)

  4. Daniel says:

    Ha. I'll share. :)

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