Celeste’s Birthday

Today is the day of Celeste’s 18 month birthday party. I am so excited for so many reasons.

I love kids in general. But I especially love these kids. Each of these families is close to me in one way or another and being able to see them interact and play together is very special. Especially when Celeste can be there too.

I am also excited to have so many of the people that I care so much about and respect so deeply getting together. Many of the friends I have live scattered about DFW. They all have busy lives, hectic schedules, jobs and obligations. Getting them all in one place at one time is not something that happens too often. Some of them are parents with very different philosophies about raising children but all with the same goal in mind: to raise happy, healthy, well behaved kids with the freedom to be themselves and the respect to let others to do the same. Some of them are not parents but have played a close role in Celeste’s life, nuturing her, loving her, spending time with her, and caring for her as though she were their own.

Today a big piece of my village will come together, even if just for a little while, and I’m proud that Celeste’s birth is the cause for that ocassion.

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